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Meet Our Team

At Mountain to River Realty, we take excellent care of our clients. Our personalized approach to client care is the reason that our relatively young brokerage has thrived, right out of the starting gates. Clients trust our local knowledge, our in-depth understanding of issues specific to Methow Valley properties, and our collaborative perspective. We offer attentive customer service, with honesty and candor. There’s no artifice in our approach; we’re here to support you in the process of achieving your Methow Valley real estate goals. As our previous clients will attest, we will listen to you, understand your needs, and help you buy or sell your special spot in this remarkable valley.

Our brokerage is local to the Methow Valley in every sense of the word. Our website, our banking, our ownership--it’s all local. We value our personal relationships with Methow Valley vendors and believe that they help us achieve our mission of making Methow Valley real estate dreams come true for our clients. 


At Mountain to River Realty, we are more than just knowledgeable professionals; we’re family-oriented community members who can be trusted with your important real estate decisions. We don’t see real estate as a sales job; we see it as a people profession. We cultivate relationships with people and with properties. If you’re a buyer, we’ll listen closely to your real estate goals and budget and help you find your ideal acreage or residence. If you are selling your Methow Valley home or vacation property, we’ll make sure your listing is priced right for the market and for your individual timeline. From listing to closing, we will be with you every step of the way, steering the real estate process to a destination that you are happy with. We are steeped in a real estate tradition that puts the client first and we are anchored by an ethical, honest approach.