I left San Diego and visited the Methow Valley in August 1985 and I was hooked. I returned in October and I knew that I would never leave. I found the Methow Valley way of life very special. It won’t take much, maybe just one visit and you will want to become a part of it like I did. The beautiful surroundings that I live in, the wildlife, the mountains, the rivers and the sound of the wind in the trees, I love it all! I love to hike, travel, garden, paint, golf, and  work onnhome projects. I also enjoy spending an evening with friends whether it be for dinner, or a friendly game of poker.

I became a licensed real estate agent in 2000 and have a strong background in customer service gained from my years of experience working in the medical field and restaurant management. I have lived in the Wolf Creek area of the Methow Valley since 1995 with my husband Tod and our cat Larry.

Drawing on over 30+ years of living in the Methow Valley, I am an experienced and knowledgeable real estate broker with many satisfied clients who have purchased and sold real estate from Mazama to Pateros.

Let me help you with your real estate needs, whether it’s buying or selling, I pride myself on taking that extra step to complete the transaction and making it a positive and enjoyable experience.